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Digital LCD hour meter for Paramotors, Microlights, Marine Engines - Inboards and Outboard Pumps, Generators, Mowesr, Model Boats, Motor Cycles, Scooters, Cleaners and Chainsaws.
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Runleader is proud to present the new RL-HM055 Digital Hour meter. It can work on any AC/DC 5-277V powered equipments.It has a powerful timing system, and other unique function design.

Timing System Including: accumulating total running hours TOT: Range 0-99999;Hour resolution is 0.1H=6Min;
Suit for AC/DC 5-277V device,suit for any application that requires reliable time keeping; 
When work time more than 9999.9H, hour resolution will be 1H;

Total time can not be reset.only when total hours more than 99999,it will start from 0 again,etc.

Unique Design Including:
easy installed, waterproof Rate IP68, etc.

In addition, the products have got CE and ROHS certification. It has a patent in China.
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